Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2273 Techno-Chauvinism

I write a lot about the technological changes in our society. Or more often the techno-illogical changes. Like something I call techno-chauvinism.

Chauvinism is loosely defined as assuming your point of view is the preeminent point of view and lording it snootily over others as a result, or just blithely thinking your point of view is the only point of view. It's not quite as intense as racism or bigotry but falls into the same family of blissful arrogance. 

An example of techno-chauvinism is assuming other people have the same technology you do. Like Outlook. Outlook apparently offers a way to send calendar appointments to other people on Outlook. You enter it into yours, and it emails it to your selected list of recipients. 

All well and good unless your recipient doesn't have Outlook. Then they get a blank email. One that looks like spam or a virus. Look out, I think, the outlook doesn't look good.  

Oh well. I just email the individual back and ask them to resend whatever it is they sent. But lately a new piece of techno-chauvinism has been cropping up that's more worrisome. People texting to landlines. 

I've had folks say, "I left you a message" and when I drill down to why I didn't get it I find that they've left a text on my landline at my place of work. They didn't leave a message at all because no message came through. And since there is no fax rejection or busy signal when one texts, they know nothing about it. 

I even got an actual follow-up call from a company who had left such a message, asking me if I wanted to buy their service. Their service? To provide text capability for my landlines. 

Even they were techno-chauvinists....

America, ya gotta love it.

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