Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2269 Dire Business

It's interesting to see some of the new stories coming out about the bad business of lack of control with controlled substances.

Like I read an article recently about how a new liquor store owner is about to go into bankruptcy because he can't compete with Costco and other big box stores. The case is similar across the state. I was sorry to hear it but not surprised. The little guy didn't bankroll the "privatize hard liquor sales" campaign. The big guys did. Why wouldn't they write the bill to benefit them? 

That, my friends, is capitalism. You might as well try to go into the milk business against the grocery stores. Or the cheap Chinese doodad business against Walmart. Privatization means breakneck, cutthroat, take-no-prisoners competition. You have my sympathies. But that's what entrepreneurism is all about. Pre-assessing risks before you jump in and have someone else hand you your assess.

Likewise a story I read about a guy up north who lined up and rented a number of locations to sell pot but then didn't win the lottery for a license. He thought he could just sub-lease a license from someone else, but no go there either. Now he's complaining. 

Um, did anyone ever say it was going to be easy? What are you doing counting your spliffs before they're toked anyhow? Another thing is worrying other pot-epreneurs --- supply. Getting licensed growers lined up and their product certified is dragging.

It's just hard to get some folks to hurry for some reason. 

So much so that a KOMO news headline said the situation was "dire." Dire? Really KOMO? Dire is when someone's life is at stake. Not if weed is ready to sell. 

Using the word dire is a perfect case of high-perbole.   
America, ya gotta love it. 

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