Monday, July 28, 2014

2276 Hyperbol-E

Let's talk hyperbole. Or hyper-bowl as I used to pronounce it when I first saw it in print. Hyper-bowl. Sounds like some sort of product offered at the new Washington cannabis stores.

I mean hyperbole in the use of the initial "e", as if just the use of the letter conveys exaggerated fantastic claims for excellence in the world of e-commerce. 

Like recently, the state of Washington felt required to announce to the event-planning public that if one of them had acquired a Food Handlers permit online then it probably wasn't valid.

Some scammer company had set themselves up as an E-Food Handler Permit source and not bothered to tell the state and seek any authorization to do so. Or any certifications either. Nonetheless folks signed up and paid good money, figuring it must be real because it had an E in front of the name.

No wonder the test was so E-asy. 

Likewise I saw a place the other day. A new business that called itself e-Tattoo. The E in their name looked like the lowercase "e" we often see associated with e-businesses. 

Very clever. Because the first thing everyone thinks is, "How the heck do you get a tattoo online?" Once you think that the e-Tattoo name is permanently lodged in your brain. Excellent marketing and great branding. A tattoo place that understands branding. What are the chances?

But the concept may not be a long way off from e-fruition.  If you can get physical stuff online from downloading data into your 3-D printer, can an e-tattoo be far away? Just convert those jets in your printer to tiny needles and voila. 

Final thought on hyperbole. It means a hyper-exaggerated statement. So is an ordinary statement just a bole?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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