Tuesday, July 08, 2014

2263 Hauling Ache

Every now and then I find my mind just riffing on stuff. I'm sure there's some name for the disorder but I'd rather not find it out.

The old brain went riffing the other day when a friend and I were talking about the early 80s and the subject of Jordache jeans came up. You remember, those first truly designer jeans that captured the market, amidst a whole glut of names from Liz Claiborne to Calvin Klein to Anderson Cooper's mom Gloria Vanderbilt. 

I confessed that when I first saw the name Jordache in a print publication, I pronounced the last syllable not like "ash" but like "ayke." Jord-ayke jeans not Jord-ash jeans.

In my defense, it made sense. We normally only see it the "ash" way in words like "panache." Otherwise the a-c-h-e- combination is pronounced like the pain it is -- headache and earache for instance.

When was the last time someone told you they had an "ear-ash?" Only if they had one of those weird new age ear candle treatments that were popular with the in crowd until some of them realized residual hair spray was flammable and hair and ears occur close together on the head.

Then they had head-ash to. As well as a headache. 

My head also aches from riffing when I see things like I recently saw in the Trader Joe's circular. Like their offer for "Turkey Dogs." I guess they're bigger than turkey wieners, which always sound so tiny for some reason, but it's confusing too. Is a turkey dog kind of like a sheep dog?

Another thing: Trader Joe's also advertises that a lot of their products don't contain GMOs -- AKA Genetically Modified Organisms.

Does they mean they don't approve of designer genes?  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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