Thursday, January 30, 2014

2153 Drive-Bys

Some drive-by thoughts today. Drive-by thoughts are those little observations that occur to me when I'm out driving. A lot of them have nothing to do with driving, or even anything I've seen while I've been driving, but are somehow driven into my brain by random inspiration.

So the other day I was driving, and around this one area I smelled a smell not unlike the smell you smell when a bit of meat or fat drips onto the fire in your barbecue. Or that comes billowing out from the odor ejectors at Burger King. 

The first time I smelled it the air was pretty still. One of those winter stagnant air days they call burn bans on. I figured some homeowner with a woodstove misplaced a piece of bacon. I smelled it again in the same place as I drove through a couple of weeks later. 

Then I realized. I was downwind of a crematorium. Mystery solved. But a new one in its place. Do crematoriums have to honor burn bans? 

Another time a news report came on when I was driving. They were talking about Seahawks tickets going on sale to the general public and that they were around 80 bucks but they expected they would fetch much more on the secondary market. 

Secondary market? Didn't we used to call that scalping? Secondary market sounds so much less gruesome. "The Apaches attacked the settlers, Colonel." 

"Their own fault, they squatted on the Apaches' land."

"Still... It wasn't nice for the Apaches to secondary market them."

Lastly, just a thought that drove in when I was daydreaming. I like the internet and all for showing funny things. But how many grumpy cat memes are too many grumpy cat memes?  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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