Thursday, January 30, 2014

2152 Odd Thoughts

Some odd and assorted thoughts today. BTW, not sure if assorted means that whatever it is is sorted or unsorted. Maybe it means sorting never even comes into it. Like there's heterosexual and homosexual, and just asexual for those who not only don't have a preference, they don't even think about it.

One of the odd thoughts was about this new church I saw that opened up. It's called the Mars Hill Church, which is cool by me. I'm all for diversity in politics and religion. 

What got my attention about them was a sign they had hanging on their fence announcing an upcoming sermon series. Which I guess is like a lecture series but with a different kind of lectern. What's the church type called? Pulpit? 

I hardly know it.

Anyhow, the sign identified the series as, "James, Jesus' Bold Little Brother." Wait a minute, wasn't Jesus' non-boldness one of his divine qualities? The ultimate humility he taught? I suppose you can be both bold and humble, kind of like doing competitive yoga, but it seems like a stretch.

Then there's the Mars Hill thing. I researched the internet for a couple of minutes but was unable to find out why they picked the name. Maybe a geographical thing. Which maybe wasn't a good choice. 

Because unfortunately, one of the basic tenets of Christianity as I've practiced it, is that it's, um, monotheistic, the worship of one god. The word Mars comes from the Roman god Mars. The Romans, you may remember, had fun feeding Christian monotheists to the lions and stuff. Mars was one of their many gods. He was the god of war.

Coincidentally, he was pretty bold too.

Forgive me. Odd thoughts from my odd and probably bound for hell brain... 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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