Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2142 Rec Meds

I was reading how some football player was suspended for using a banned substance. The article mentioned that it was suspected that the banned substance was in fact marijuana.

And it got me wondering, isn't that a bit of a legal dilemma when it comes to Colorado and Washington state, where the substance is not only not banned for medical use, it's not banned for recreational use either?

What's a citizen to do? I fully understand banning its use, even in off hours, by certain workers in certain professions, doctors and emergency utility linemen come to mind. But a football lineman?

In what way is he going to hurt anyone because he's a little numb? I would think numbing the pain would be right up there on the medicinal end of things anyhow. Is it any worse than being addicted to oxycontin?

And hey, you're saving the league money. Why not self medicate? Even if you're self medicating a pulled groin?

That whole medicinal versus recreational distinction is weird anyhow. You get high either way. Medicinal? The best buzz I ever inadvertently had was when I went it to have my colonoscopy. Wow. They ought to make that stuff illegal.

If it wasn't for the prepping regimen I had to go through the day before I'd definitely consider volunteering for another one on fairly regular basis. 

"You sure you didn't see anything Doc? Those polyps can be pretty tricky, better put me under again. I don't have to work, or fix a power line, or even play in a football game till next week. Put the IV right there and take a really long close look..." 

I can see the headlines now. Washington State; pioneer, trendsetter, and leading light for the first ever recreational colonoscopy.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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