Monday, January 13, 2014

2139 Camo Mode

Call me persnickety, but there are some fashion items I don't like. Namely Camo. It needs to stay in its place. It's supposed to be garb for successful hunting.

But no, camo has become ubiquitous in American life. Camo accessories from knives to --- I kid you not --- shower curtains. My favorite misguided camo item I’ve seen was a nylon camo wallet. Great, I suppose, when you're paying each other for poker losings around the campfire, but what a bummer when you drop it in the woods. How are you going to find it?

I saw a guy the other day that epitomized the misuse of camo. He was wearing camo pants and bright neon orange tennis shoes. Kind of a walking visual contradiction. Look Mom, there's two shoes on invisible legs. If I was a game animal, I may have been too stunned to move.

Perhaps we owe it to reality shows like Duck Dynasty. Folks think it's okay to dress in redneck casual wherever they go. But in the old days on the farm us true hicks made sure we put on our Sunday best when we was going shopping. On go-to-town day we wouldn't be caught dead in the overalls we wore in the barn.

Part of the erosion of propriety generally in our culture. With instant gratification only an Amazon drone away, why would we go to all the trouble of redressing just because we're going to be seen in polite company? What is polite company anyway? Folks with their noses stuck in smartphones? 

Saw my new favorite the other day. Camo jammies. That's right, a guy in a store with camo pajama pants. I'm guessing he usually wears them at home. 

In case he has to shoot a deer in his bedroom.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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