Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2147 Phone Bug

Back in the old days, bad folks engaged in nefarious activities, or  good folks working against nefarious enemies, had to worry about people bugging their phone. Tapping their line, listening in during calls out. Thus the first idea of the phone bug.

Then came smartphones. Smart phones could be bugged too, as the NSA has shown so well. But they could also be bugged with viruses. Phone bugging now included hacking. And your computer phone's software could be infected. So now we had a bugged phone and a phone with viruses.

All very metaphorical until the latest scourge emerged. Dirty bugged phones filled with actual bugs and viruses. I-Philth.

That crud that sticks to your phone when you pass it from coughing adults to snotty-nosed kids when you show pictures. The nastiness that collects on its surfaces when you set it on desktops or bathroom counters or the local barrista bar. 

Everyday noxious grime. Dr Dubert Guerrero, infectious disease specialist at Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota says devices as a source of disease transmission aren't even a subject of debate anymore. 

The problem is that many device manufacturers will void their warranties if you use normal cleaning and disinfecting agents like ammonia or alcohol. So your phone may make you void because you want to avoid voiding your void-making phone. You could start hacking your lungs because your virus-protected hack proof phone is loaded with viruses on its touchscreen. 

Answer? Wipe with a soft dry cloth and look for a source of disinfecting UV light. You can buy a wand style one, available on the internet, or just take your phone tanning.  

Even though that's the one place of relaxation most people don't take their phone because they don't want to folks to bug them. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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