Friday, January 17, 2014

2144 Watch Out

'Tis the season for paranoia. At least it should be. Most people's problem is they just have mono-noia. Not as vigilant as they would be if they had a full pair o'noias.

So try on this story for size. The National Security Agency, known for their good hiring choices, is offering paid internships to high school students as young as 15. One young person said in an online review "Wonderful experience, can't really say too much..."

I'm guessing he may have been aware the NSA monitors online reviews and stuff. 

So. How does one get a security clearance at age 15? Most 15-year-olds complexions haven't cleared that much, much less their security profile. And aren't 15-year-olds a little easier to bribe? Just saying. At 15 your sensibilities are tuned to two things, loudly pointing out adult hypocrisy and figuring out how to have sex. 

Maybe not the folks to have closest to sensitive data. You'd think the NSA would learn. Edward Snowden was a low-level outside contractor and look what he had access too. As the whole world now knows. 

Second of the paranoias for today. According to a former FBI official, the FBI can secretly activate the webcam on your computer without turning on the indicator light. Like right now. 

Smile, you're on candid camera. Please remove your finger from your nose, as our face recognition technology is having a problem preparing your photo for our security dossier. 

Let's hope the FBI doesn't farm out any work to the NSA. You may have a 15-year-old looking into the room where you computer is soon. Or out from your laptop. So no hanky panky near the computer. And couples, no using online porn to spice up your love life. Sensitive eyes are watching.

Keep it classy America.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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