Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2141 Type O

I saw an ad that got me tapping my head. It was for the new Microsoft Surface tablet. The main selling point was that it had a real snap-on keyboard.

What? Weren't tablets all the rage because they didn't need a keyboard? Now the best thing about a tablet is you can snap on a real keyboard? What happened to all their cool virtual touchscreen technology?

Well, it's not that good. Oh, you can slog through a message tapping on the virtual screen, but if you want to do real typing you need a board that has some touch back. Some feel as it were, that you just can't get from tapping a flat surface.

Another device on the market, from a company invested in by none other than Idol maker Ryan Seacrest, comes up with a solution for the same problem on iPhones. Ryan's device is called the Typo, which, iRonically, it helps get rid of, because there are a lot of them with touchscreens. The Typo’s a case that snaps around the ends of your iPhone and adds a Blackberry-like keyboard at the bottom.

You heard me, a Blackberry added to an iPhone. If only Blackberry had thought of that. Oh, right, they kind of did. Business iSucks sometimes.

Ryan said he put money behind the device because everyone in Hollywood carries two phones, one to i-around on and one to do serious typing. So why not have a tiny real keyboard added to a cool-factor iPhone? You got the sparkle and you got the practical grit. The iDol formula for success. 

Makes you wonder though. Is there some keyboard gene we all carry? Like Type O in our blood? No matter how we try to leave them behind, they always return. 

I better dust off my Smith-Corona stock...

America, ya gotta love it. 

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