Friday, August 09, 2013

2047 Drive Tri

I have little observations I find mildly funny. Drive by observations I call them, as they often occur when I'm driving by something. Here's three of them. A Drive Tri.
One I actually had while I was walking at the mall recently. It was my first time in a mall in a number of years. The smell brought back vivid memories of my younger days, when I worked in one. Smells do that. Hit your inner psyche like no other memory trigger.
So it was with the odor of clothing sizing, international food court flavor mix, and teenagers doused in pungent colognes. The smell of the mall. The s'mall.
Then there was the observation I made when I drove by a popular local restaurant. So popular they have a food cart. When I drove by, I saw their food cart parked in the front of their restaurant. And it was open for business.
Wow, I thought, smart marketing. The kitchen's close if you need any ingredients you forgot to pack. There's not too much cleanup. You don't have to open up the main restaurant and pay extra service help. Best of all, when you drive in your food cart it has free parking.
A whole new spin on a restaurant drive-in. You drive in the actual restaurant.
Lastly, I saw this cool sign as I drove by a tattoo parlor. It was obvious the tattooist had keen insight into human behavior. Like the actor I saw on TV who said be careful of tattoos while you're drunk. They're a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.
The tattooist's sign said something close: "Free ‘Tattoo Curse’ with Purchase of Girlfriend's Name."
A drive by that really drove the point home.
America, ya gotta love it.

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