Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2054 Powered Alternatives

I don't know where society is headed but it sure seems like it's getting weirder every day. I used to make jokes about not trusting the stock market after I lost my life savings investing in typewriter stocks. But now I wish I'd held on to them. After the recent revelations about NSA spying, Russia's secret service has ordered dozens of electric typewriters.

If even the Russian secret service is doing something about it, can the paranoids like me in our wired society be next? This could lead to a whole new era. Typewriters, communications on paper, and the revitalization of the US Mail service. 

Meanwhile, Edward Snowden will be put to work in Russia. Changing typewriter ribbons...

You gotta admit our electronic society has its issues. I worry about the next generation, raised on Ritalin and smartphones. I'm sure there's an advanced degree thesis already being written. So someone can get a PhD in OCD ADHD HDTV.

If you're still holding on to your manual typewriter because you're worried about powering electronic devices, worry no more. British scientists, ever intrepid when it comes to using scarce resources wisely, have come up with a unique solution. Literally.

They've invented a cellphone battery powered by urine.  

"It's about as eco as it gets," according to one researcher, noting that urine is a renewable resource. I'm glad he didn't say it's about as green as it gets. That would sound sick.

But he's got a point. I can hear the conversation now. "Sorry, my cellphone's breaking up. Hold on, I'm going to order a Pepsi and recharge. On second thought, this may be a long conversation. I'll get a Big Gulp." 

Bonus, you never have to worry about your smartphone's battery life running out---when you're streaming a movie.   

America, ya gotta love it. 

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