Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2055 A lot of Alliteration

As you probably know by now, I'm hung up on words and how they sound together. Phrases like "know by now" for instance. They roll off the tongue with a puff of poetry and a little alliteration. Ah alliteration, cool combinations of words that start with similar sounds.

Like saying, "I enjoyed that novel, the well-wrought and wonderful War and Peace." It's literally a literary alliteration. 

Some words and phrases flow, like a snowboarder swooshing down a slope, while others completely trip me up. Like a skateboarder in flip-flops.

Which I saw recently. A young fellow, iPod buds in ears, a backpack bulging with what appeared to be beer, swerving his skateboard through streets and sidewalks, all the while wearing wipe-out inducing flip-flips. 

Looked like he was headed for a flip flop for sure.

Some words just make me wonder. A while back the spiritualist and psychic Sylvia Browne was appearing in the area. I'm not sure why she wasted money advertising to me. She should have known I wasn't coming. 

One the things I heard in her ad was that she was a spiritual teacher. Later in the ad, it said she was giving two shows. So can a teacher give a show? Isn't it a lecture or an instructional session?

Lastly, I saw a movie ad recently. It had two guys in it who were affectionate in a guy, not necessarily a gay, sense. As if it's necessary to distinguish. In any event, they called the movie a Bro-mance. 

So I'm wondering. Is there an equivalent term for a movie about women? Because one came out recently with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy and they called it a female bro-mance. Which just sounded weird. 

So. Sis-mance? Fe-mance?

I solicit your sagacious suggestions.

 America, ya gotta love it.

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