Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1941 Diet Med

Diet and food are in the news again. Notably the findings of a recent study that concluded the Mediterranean diet is best to guard against heart attack and stroke.
Apparently those hot-blooded Mediterranean types live longer, or at least heart-healthier. I'm just glad my dietary choices are now so straightforward.
From here on out, it's just plain Spaghetti-O's
Seriously, the Mediterranean diet sounds cool, because it includes stuff. Beans and nuts and fish and tomatoes and onions---great sounding hearty meals.
Perfect. Hearty for your heart.
And really, who doesn't want a bunch of tomato sauce with everything. That doesn’t mean ketchup on your quarter-pounder. But it does mean salty stuff is okay. Olives, salt-cured cheeses, capers, anchovies, all seem to help. And a glass of wine a day too.
Darn. And I was so in love with my carrot and celery sticks.
It's hard to fight the science on this one. A ten-year study concluded that participants had a 50% reduction in early death rates. Due to diet that is. There's always the North African Middle Eastern Cyprus Turkey stray bullet and rocket thing to worry about.
By comparison, us burger and fry eating Canadians and Americans have fewer border disputes and such.
Maybe that's because we drink so much coffee. And thanks to Starbucks even more people may join us. Starbucks has recently introduced a new coffee for people who don't like dark coffee. It’s called Starbucks Blond.
Which actually sounds dumber than it sounds. Because wasn't Starbucks the one that made us think we like dark coffee to begin with? And now they're offering a light alternative?
I've got high expectations. Starbucks Blond, the Bud Light of Coffee.
I just hope they keep the caffeine count high.
And remember that dark espresso is Mediterranean.
America, ya gotta love it.

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