Thursday, March 07, 2013

1938 Discomfort Food

America is great about finding new uses for old things, re-purposing they call it, everything from duct tape to turkey basters. So it is in the health and fitness category.
Lately there's been a surge of "exercising at your desk" advice. Try lifting your mouse and holding it steady at arms length for a while. Repeat. If you have a rolling desk chair do desk pushups. Or push aways. Back and forth. It all adds up.
Caution: If you don't have a wheeled desk chair do not do this. You end up with a push over.
Had a little workout? Feeling a little peckish? Now it's time for your after-workout snack. Some sources say the best thing you can do to keep weight off is not let your body go into starvation mode after a workout. That means giving it some food. But stay away from donuts. Grab a banana protein shake instead.
Or suck down some baby food.
That's right. The newest healthful post-workout craze is baby food pouches. Sales of them have more than doubled in the last three months, far more than the rate of new births. Because they are being sucked down by grownups.
Unlike the old Gerber jars, baby food pouches are easy to rip into and suck down after exercise. You can even do it while driving and/or texting.
So some manufacturers are experimenting with direct products for adults. Including trendy ingredients like coconut milk and acai. One maker even has a new line called Happy Squeeze. Which is usually 10 bucks in the city. Maybe their spokesperson will be Lady Googoo Gaga.
Snacking on the go has never been easier. Now you can substitute that crumpled quarter-pounder for baby food. Talk about a happy meal.
Someone save me the strained peas...
America, ya gotta love it.

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