Tuesday, March 05, 2013

1936 Glass Packs

You hear a lot about Russian and Chinese hackers wreaking havoc on our economy. Lately it seems like an even more insidious source of sabotage is at work. Not hackers but packers.
Packers as in the folks who package our pre-packaged food supply. The conspiracy comes for all corners. Like The Nestle Company; in 2012 they had to recall banana baby food from the supermarkets because some jars contained bits of glass.
Youch. Wrong approach to sharpen your kid's appetite.
Shortly after that we heard from Bimbo Bakeries of Horsham PA. (Yes, I said Bimbo Bakeries. And yes, this is the year 2013 and the name Bimbo is probably up for a brand name upgrade.)
Bimbo currently makes Sara Lee bread products. Among them "Sara Lee Multi-Grain Thin Style Buns." Those buns were recently recalled because they contained glass and metal fragments. For some reason, cheek-lacerated consumers didn't choose to include metal fragments in their definition of fiber. Not one of the multi-grains they were expecting.
Hard to believe "Sara Lee Thin Style Buns" is a Bimbo Bakeries product.
Just recently, poor Kellogg's company of Battle Creek had a different battle on their hands. Their Special K with Red Berries was also found to contain bits of glass. It's those glass splinters that make Special K really special. And give those berries extra crunch. Kellogg's issued the following revealing statement:
“At Kellogg, our number one priority is the quality and safety of our foods. All of our processes will be thoroughly reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken to help prevent this situation from happening in the future.”
Nice try Kellogg PR. Be transparent. Then again, maybe it was a mishandled transparency that led to broken bits of glass.
Or was it undercover foreign sabotaging packers?
America, ya gotta love it.

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