Monday, March 11, 2013

1940 Drones

Funny how folks persist in doing bad things just because everyone else does, like mindless drones…
Take Facebook. Amazing how people keep using it. Time after time Mark Zuckerberg has shown he can't be trusted with your privacy concerns. Every time he revamps his format all your default settings get set back to completely public. But do people sign off? No, they just grumble a bit and then jump back in the snake pit. "Darn poisonous snakes, sure does hurt when they bite. But all the other people I like are in the snake pit, so I may's well be too..."
Then there's firms like Apple. Who've constantly been called to task for using Foxxconn factories in China. Inhuman working conditions leading directly to cheap iPads. But do people stop using their slave made tablets? Nope. They're cool.
Even National Geographic, who's done an exposé on those factory conditions, promotes iPad use within its magazine. "For additional content on this article on drones, get the National Geographic app for your iPad."
Dronesthe newest tech craze. The mechanical kind. And drone people hoping domestic drones will solve our problems, from crop dusters to paparazzi. How many Terminator movies does it take to show what a future that will lead to? What do you want to bet the NRA starts a campaign that says that every 2nd Amendment-loving American should be able to own a drone of his own.
And how many Chinese hackers have been able to launch hack attacks on American companies through Facebook and Twitter platforms? Makes you think Mark Zuckerberg secretly works for the Chinese.
But in fairness, with all our electronics manufactured in China, why would they need Facebook? They can plant the viruses right in your device.
Please don't let them manufacture our drones.
America, ya gotta love it.

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