Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2434 Resigned

I guess I'm resigned to the little not-so-surprises I see in the news.

Like when GOP wunderkind Aaron Schock decided to resign after certain discrepancies surfaced in his mileage reimbursement figures.  Funny, because he'd suddenly became a millionaire after taking office and going into real estate deals with his campaign contributors and was weathering that storm.  It was bad math on his reimbursed mileage that took him down.

The little surprise that got me was that not only was the whole thing not shocking, because, you know, the term "honest politician" is an oxymoron, but because his name Schock, even though it's spelled s-c-h-o-c-k-, kind of prepared us for the whole thing on a subliminal level.

Another political non-shock was when a social media expert resigned from Presidential Candidate Scott Walker's campaign.  What was not-so-surprising was that the cause was over a bad tweet.

Tweets are notoriously bad methods of communication.  At least when it comes to nuance.  The professional tweeter --- yes there is such a thing --- said she apparently came across as snarky.  Let me just say, professional tweeter, snarky is defined as terse and direct with no attempt to pull punches.  That's pretty much a tweet right there.

Or take the headline that was tweeted about her stepping down.  It said, "Scott Walker Social Media expert resigns."  Having just read about football players renewing their contracts I misread that as re-signs.  Not re-zines.  Too few words can trip you up twitter-people.

Were I a presidential candidate, or president, who hired someone to do social media for me, I'd maybe have a pre-tweet or tweetaround failsafe system in place so every tweet was sent to me first, before it actually got out to the twitterverse.

Imagine if World War III gets started with a tweet.   

America, ya gotta love it.

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