Friday, March 20, 2015

2427 Shocking Facts

As much as I've seen, I can still read through the news and come across stories that are fairly shocking.

Like the item that talked about a psychological study done with folks to determine whether they could be alone with their thoughts.  The reason for the study was that it had been observed people would rush willy-nilly and hither and yon to avoid moments of silent contemplation.

It seems not many people like to face themselves.  In the experiment, participants were administered a small electric shock and then asked if they would pay to avoid having that shock administered again.  Most all of them said yes.  Then they were left alone in the room for just 15 minutes.  In that time, over half of them administered the shock to themselves rather than sit alone with their thoughts. 

Scary.  Electrically shock yourself rather than do nothing.  I'm thinking we won't get folks to give up their self destructive obsessive-compulsive smartphone habits anytime soon. 

Another shocking story I read was about deer eating birds.  Yep.  Deer eating birds.  They were caught by hidden cameras in the woods.  Secret behavior we never knew about.

Not accidentally.  Not while they were nuzzling into a nest to eat leaves or straw.  Actually, viciously, chomping down on baby birds and chewing them up, feathers, bones, and all. 

Look out little birdies in Bambi movie, teaching him to talk.  He's really trying to eat you.  Bird.  Bird!  BIRD! 

Cameras have also detected other supposed herbivores devouring vulnerable prey.  Killer Red Deer in Scotland.  Slayer Sheep.  Carnivore Cows.  Not predator aggressive, but put a helpless baby creature in their way and they'll graze right through their flesh. 

"Hmm.  This milk tastes a little birdie..."

Nature continues to shock.  What's next, Vegan Tigers?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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