Friday, March 27, 2015

2432 Senseful

There's a disorder known as synesthesia.  Those who have it sometimes have the ability to see sounds and hear smells.  It's as if their sensory system has been rewired for optimum high fidelity.  Or HD 3D Blueray 5 senses perception.

I think I have a tiny bit of that rewiring disorder when it comes to words.  Because they prick my thoughts sometimes as if someone's physically sticking a needle into my brain.

I got that prick recently when I wrote about the Civil War.  How odd that we used the word civil to describe it.  Civil people are friendly, polite, and kind.  Well-mannered. 

War between civic rivals should be civic war.  Even though in modern times that sounds like a drag race between two chopped Hondas.

Were it not for the obvious carnage, one might argue that civil war is less destructive than the other term, "all out war."  I just wish they'd use another word.  It makes it tough when someone says we should be civil to each other.

Another word pricked my old brain when I heard it being used to describe the rulers of Saudi Arabia after their most recent king died.  "Gerontocracy."  I like it.  A great way to describe a country run by a bunch of old people.  Geriatric and Autocracy mushed together. 

Their Defense Treaties amount to a slightly more verbose rendition of "Get out of my yard!"

Then there's the new ruler of Saudi Arabia.  His name is spelled S-a-l-m-a-n-.  It probably sounds like Solomon.  But really really looks like salmon.  Which probably wasn't so bad when he was Crown Prince Salman.  But now that he's king...  I hope he doesn't make a diplomatic visit to the northwest. 

I sense that would be a bad thing.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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