Thursday, March 05, 2015

2416 Ex Box

There's a new craze on the internet and it even has the comments trolls scratching their bitter invective-filled loser-in-the-basement heads.  It's called unboxing.

In order to understand unboxing you need to understand how folks who post stuff on YouTube can get money.  Basically, if you post something that keeps a viewer's interest long enough for one of those annoying ads to pop up on the screen and get in the middle of whatever it is a viewer is watching, you get a tiny amount of money.  The more tiny amounts you accumulate the richer you'll eventually be.

"Unboxing" videos are perfectly suited to this paradigm.  Unboxing is the unhurried unwrapping and taking out of a box of a piece of merchandise or technology.  It's all done with a certain amount of style and sometimes with slow background music

Kind of a product striptease. 

The merchandise doesn't have to be technologically oriented, though those sites are popular, as many folks like to see a new iPhone or iPad unpacked with all the peripheral gadgetry on display. 

(I like to peek at the Styrofoam packing material.)

One site is making quite a fortune unpacking Disney themed Kinder Eggs.  Which are sort of packages within packages, as you have your outer box, your foil around the egg, the candy confection of the egg itself, and the "caution may contain choking hazard not for children 3 and under" plastic egg inside the chocolate that is opened to reveal a Disney character.  Kids absolutely love the Kinder Egg unpacking YouTube channel, which is being used as cheap electronic babysitting by harried parents across the land. 

I'm glad.  The first unboxing website I went to was weird.  It had a short film of Mohammed Ali and George Foreman just standing around doing nothing. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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