Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2419 Ali Oops

In the course of writing these little commentaries I often find myself Googling things on the internet.  That process conflicts with my natural foil hat tendencies.

Because you know, everything you Google on the web goes through you browser, and as we've learned, the other thing going through your browser is the NSA.

And Google itself.  Add that to the fact that I publish these essays on my blog on Google's Blogger, so they also sift content for adwords and ad revenues.  And no doubt some enterprising lackey in the Google megaverse can sell that data to the highest bidder too.

So when I needed to do some research on marijuana for another article, I wondered what the NSA thought of that.  I guess the damage is done.  By the way, my research was on ensuring quality in the new world of legal smokables. 

So if liquid that's safe to drink is called potable is pot that's safe to smoke called drinkable?

My paranoia got even worse recently when I wrote a commentary on unboxing.  I needed to look up whether I remembered correctly that Muhammad Ali had fought George Forman. 

As I typed the first part of Ali's name into the search window I had a sudden sphincter clench of alarm.  Wait a minute.  I'm typing "Muhammad" into an internet search request.  I wonder if that's a trigger word for the NSA?  Talk about Ali Oops.

Jeez, I thought, I better type in Cassius Clay.  I quickly started to backspace out of the letterers M-u-h-a-m- then noticed with horror that autocomplete had already almost sealed my doom.  Thank God, or possibly Allah, that I didn't hit enter.  

And thanks to my earlier request, I'm hoping the NSA already has me filed under "harmless stoner." 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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