Friday, August 22, 2014

2295 Fairly Creative

Went to a great event not long ago. It was an artisan fair. In it nearly a hundred crafters displayed their wares. And that included clothing, so some of their wares you could wear.

One of the coolest things about an arts and crafts event like this is you can see how artsy and crafty people can be. And I mean that it a very positive way. Human creativity is what sets us apart from the other species and it's an amazing thing to behold. Especially in all its variety. 

Like this one guy, who was creative enough to make a chain mail coat for his dog. Which perhaps would have been more impressive on a bull mastiff, as you could picture him needing it as he charged into battle. Not so much the cute little cocker spaniel adorned with it at the fair. Still, it did warn you you're bound to hurt your foot if you try to kick him for yapping.

This other guy did quite a business in beautiful glass wind chimes. And I learned something. Wind chimes can actually be out of tune. It's true, every time people would go by this guy's booth and start running their fingers through his chimes to tinkle them, the most gawdawful sound would emerge. Even the dog in the chain mail cringed. 

I would guess it's a matter of length and density so why wouldn't the guy look for the sweetest tone? Probably because his particular artistic talent was limited to the visual arts. They were indeed very pretty. 

That's one of those things about the breadth of human creativity. It also has gaps. Who would have thought it would be a liability to be a tone-deaf wind chime maker?

America, ya gotta love it. 

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