Monday, August 04, 2014

2281 Bowl-ing

A while back when it was football season I heard about one of the bowl games and it got me thinking. No, it wasn't the bowl game between Colorado and Washington that my friend's son called the Smoka-Bowl, but it was close.

It was the Hunger Bowl. That's what they called it in the media anyhow, even though the real name is the Fight Hunger Bowl. Which makes a lot more sense, since that’s a good cause, and something we really need to do. 

Unfortunately, when the media starts shortening names, they sometimes change the meaning. Hunger Bowl sounds like they don't expect a crowd. It sounds more like an empty bowl, doesn't it? Or perhaps a bowl for alms, or a bowl of soup from the local street kitchen. 

Worse, if you have any sensitivity to popular culture at all, it sounds not unlike the Hunger Games. Which, what with harvesting athletic poor people from various disadvantaged districts and having them fight it out to the death, is a depth to which we still haven't quite taken professional sports. Unless you count Roman gladiators, or the early professional boxing circuit, or terminal concussion-induced dementia.  

Still, bowls are the epitome of success. Not only do teams compete to be in them but corporations compete to be the name on them. The new Levi Stadium in San Francisco will get Superbowl 50. Unfortunately, they’ll name it with a 5-0- instead of a Roman numeral L.  Too bad, since L is the first letter in Levi.

Me, I'd support the hottest new company ever getting it's own bowl. Instead of hash marks where they show the yardage, they could use hashtags. And the officials could really tweet their whistles. 

Yep, I’d give my thumbs up to the Twitter Bowl.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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