Wednesday, August 06, 2014

2283 Half Off

Heard a news snippet on the radio the other day about a man in England who is suing his optometrist, or possibly his optician, for overcharging him for the last 30 years. I guess he finally saw the light.

The reason for this bit of litigation is the man in question has only one eye that works. The other one has been blind since birth. So the man thinks he should have been getting a discount, as only one eye has ever been corrected for glasses. Or possibly just glass singular. 

Makes sense to me, though the optician maintains it's the same price for one, two or three eyes. Easy to say, as I'm guessing he'll never actually see anyone with three eyes. "Yes, my name's Lucifer, the evil eye in the center of my forehead has a hell of a time focusing when I sit at my computer."

Personally, I love the concept. Like the nearly bald guy at the barber, why should he pay as much as a hairy-headed brute with locks down to the middle of his back? 

Or the poor woman who nipped off the end of her pinkie chopping nuts. Should she pay for a full ten-digit manicure? (Which should be called a womanicure by the way...)

That reminds me, I just went to my hygienist recently and paid the hefty amount you pay for that sort of poking and scraping. And I've had two teeth missing for years. Why should I pay the full 32 tooth premium? With two of my wisdom teeth recently extracted as well, that's four fewer than 32. I should be getting about a 12% discount. 

Not much maybe, but it certainly would take some of the bite out of my dental bill.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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