Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2288 Stuffed

It's no secret obesity is a problem in our times. What's interesting is how some folks flesh out the whole issue.

Take the food the Center for Public Interest recently decided to take issue with. They gave the dish, and the restaurant that created it, the Xtreme eating award. The X in Xtreme is meant to indicate you should X it out. It's an award for badness to point out how horrible it would be to eat this concoction. 

The concoction is question is the Bruleed French Toast made by the Cheesecake Factory. I would guess if I were to go into the Cheesecake Factory, I'd expect fewer kale and tofu options just from the name alone. But this dish takes the cake. Or is one.

The French Toast is dipped in eggs, fried in butter, stuffed with creme brulee custard, sprinkled liberally with sugar, then served with a side of bacon and a pitcher of maple syrup infused with butter. 

It comes in at 2780 calories, 93 grams of saturated fat, 2230 milligrams of salt, and 24 teaspoons of sugar. Over a day's worth of coronary-inducing calories in one meal.

The award announcement article I read said it's like "14 slices of Aunt Jemima's frozen Homestyle French Toast stuffed with two and a half tubs of Kraft Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Spread."

Notice the not-so-subliminal obesity references. Aunt Jemima set an early standard for corporate corpulence and anything like cream cheese that's served in a tub will probably cause you to be one. 

The Cheesecake Factory's defense was admirable. They said many of their patrons like to order dishes to share. So it's not a day's worth of calories in one dish for one person. It's a half a day's calories for two.

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America, ya gotta love it. 

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