Friday, August 08, 2014

2285 Toastie

Narcissism is alive and well in America. Just about every smartphone, from Android to Blackberry, now comes with what they call a front-facing camera. They say it's so you can have face-to-face videophone conversations with people but we know the real reason.

It's so you can take a selfie.

Selfies proliferate in our culture. From the sexting antics of various Weiners and Weiner wannabees to the baby bumps of Beyonces, selfies show more fronts than the hair on the back of a Kardashian.

Although I do object to the misnomer "front-facing" camera. It's facing back at you not at the world in front of you, so it should be a back-facing camera. Even if it's facing your front. Never mind, I'm confused.

It's pretty amazing how quickly the selfie caught on, and how quickly the word and the act was integrated into our culture. Helped certainly by the ability to tweet your selfie. I suppose if you can Google yourself you should be able to tweet your selfies. Though for some reason they both sound less like narcissism and more like electronic self-abuse.

Narcissism was taken to a new level recently when a Vermont company invented a novelty toaster that will allow you to burn an image of yourself into your morning toast. Yep, a crispy, organic, eatable, piping hot, selfie.

Galen Dively, president of Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, says, "You don't have to be famous or Jesus to have your face on toast." Amen.

With 3-D printers and other such marvels, I'm not surprised. And let's face it, who wouldn't love the opportunity to use selfie smartphone camera images to burn pictures on food. Now some famous diva can show she's prego on an Eggo. 

Just keep Anthony Weiner out of the kitchen.

America, ya gotta love it. 

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