Thursday, August 14, 2014

2289 Fundamental Asset

We are a culture fundamentally affected by food. As I was reminded yesterday, when I was visiting my dad at the old folks home, and they had the TV tuned to the Food Channel.

Actually, it was refreshing. They usually have it tuned in to the Hallmark Channel. The difference was in the commercials. On the Hallmark Channel they're all about incontinence products and drugs to mitigate the effects of old age. On the Food Channel they're all about food. Unabashed, self indulgent, food. 

I saw one ad whose approach was funny. It was a commercial for Froot Loops. Instead of being aimed at kids, it was aimed at adults who used to be kids. It showed a couple in their thirties, who'd obviously just put their kids to bed. 

The dad was sticking his face into a box of Froot Loops and euphorically inhaling like he was huffing spray paint. Then his wife joined in. As they indulged in the simple pleasure of their favorite food they turned on their old game console and started playing Mario.

Froot Loops nostalgia. Enjoyed together as a couple. Like the Froot Loop's mascot was saying if one person can be happy Toucan.

I didn't see an ad on the food channel for this next item. But in the end it's kind of food related. Dermatologists in New York and London are offering what they call a "Butt Facial." It's a $500 procedure that smoothes the derriere with exfoliating peels, lasers, and moisturizers and helps minimize dark spots, zits, and cellulite. 

One woman claims that as a result of the procedure she's never felt more confident. Is that called a fundamental truth?

One thing's a little loopy though. The name. I'd go for "Derriere Smoother" maybe. But Butt Facial? Sounds like it's reserved for someone with a certain type of face. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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