Monday, September 30, 2013

2080 Legal Evil

Interesting stories in the news recently about our good friends from the axis of evil, Iran and North Korea. The stories' common theme was how they handled certain legal matters. 

First, Iran is mounting a new combat campaign involving one of the most feared of weapons of mass destruction. They are suing us.

Yep, Iran says it will sue the US for overthrowing its democratically elected prime minister back in 1953. Recent declassified documents show that the CIA was behind the coup. Surprise surprise. The CIA denied it all along, and they were lying? 

I'm more worried than ever about Area 51. 

International legal experts say there is no legal venue where Iran can bring suit, but you never know. Forget about crack commandos. There's no bigger threat in the world than someone deploying an army of lawyers...

The other legal story had to do with Dennis Rodman's friend Kim Jong Un. Un must have fixated on Henry the 8th when he studied western history. Because it apparently doesn't pay to be an ex-girlfriend of the most powerful man in North Korea. 

The person in question was a bit of a YouTube rage awhile back when her music video made the rounds. It went by the captivating title: "Excellent horse-like lady." Singer Hyon Song Wol, who reportedly dated Un for years, was accused of making a porn film and also possessing bibles. (I guess Un had to cover his public outrage bets). So she was recently executed by firing squad. Ouch. 

Maybe he should have borrowed a couple of Iran's lawyers and just worked out a post-nup agreement instead. Firing squad seems a little harsh for an ex-girlfriend, even in an axis of evil area.

Oddly, Hyon Song Wol is a Korean word that means Anne Boleyn.

America, ya gotta love it.

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