Friday, September 06, 2013

2065 CO True

As I was cruising the news on the web recently I came across a disconcerting article. It was about a test done on "carbon monoxide diffusion across gypsum wallboard." 

Let me say that it was a very sleep inducing clinical article. One of those things filled with measured boring phrases. No hype or histrionics like we're usually used to in the news. 

So at first I got lost in all the types where this diffusion was measured --- .25 inch, .5 inch single layer, double layer .5 inch and double layer coated .5 inch. Then I got lost wondering what they meant by the word diffusion, because it's not commonly used. Then I was further led into a brainless stupor because they only used the term carbon monoxide once and used the initials CO after that. 

CO can mean a lot of things; from Commanding Officer to the abbreviation for Colorado.

Then it dawned on me. Jeez! They're talking about carbon monoxide seeping through sheetrock walls! The author said, "The concentration of CO reached 500 ppm in the infused chamber within seven minutes of infusion. The concentration in the non-infused chamber (on the other side of the wallboard barrier) increased rapidly, reaching 100 ppm (considered toxic to humans) at 17 to 96 minutes after infusion stopped. In all configurations, by 12 hours, the concentrations of CO were less than 5 percent different between the two chambers."
Translation, if you live in an apartment, get a freaking carbon monoxide detector! This is a good place for hype! If your neighbor decides to fire up a hibachi indoors to grill shish-kebabs or heat the apartment during the next power outage, you're at severe risk. 

Sheetrock is as pervious to carbon monoxide as it is to their loud stereo. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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