Wednesday, September 04, 2013

2062 Proactive Dilemma

It all gets confusing. People say one thing and do another or say one thing and say another. Proactive dilemma making. It's painful. 

Like the whole disclaimer thing. I commented yesterday on the ad I'd heard where a restaurant was offering "any drink for a buck" and then their disclaimer said, "prices may vary."

Since the whole point of their pitch was the price it seemed a particularly bald use of the presumed exonerating power of admission. Kind of like it's okay to lie if I tell you I'm lying. Bait and switch laws don't count if I admit I'm baiting and switching you from the outset. 

Advertising a drink for a buck then saying the price may vary is like saying, "This toy comes fully assembled (some assembly required)." Or, "Includes batteries (batteries not included)."

I heard another ad the other day where a hotel was advertising Two nights for $159. In the first part of the ad they said "Sunday through Thursday." Then later in the ad they said, "Any two nights for $159." Which counts? Sure, they said "Sunday through Thursday" first. But later in the ad they said "any two nights." Could I make the case that it sounded like they changed their mind. So I was responding to the second offer?

I even saw a kid suffering from an avoidable proactive dilemma. One his parent foisted upon him. I was walking by the new East Bay Plaza, which is a park designed specifically with an interactive water feature. A wading stream running through it and everything. And his mom was walking him into the area and just about to turn him loose with these words: "Now don't get wet..."

Hey lady, pick another freaking park. Poor kid.

Modern Parenting (intelligence not included).

America, ya gotta love it. 

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