Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2068 Wrench Around

Sometimes things just wrench your head around and you go, "Huh?" Like when you hear an announcer at a poorly attended ball game. And he says that the stadium is filled with empty seats. If the empty seats were filled they wouldn't be empty. And if the seats are empty the stadium isn't filled. It was filled with emptiness?

Or the other day I had a guy ask me if he could catch a ride. Catch? I felt like I had to get going first so he could hop on. Sounded dangerous. What if he slipped? Would my car insurance cover it? After all, he was trying to hop on a moving vehicle to catch it. It wouldn't have been my fault. Then again, since he asked and I said yes he could attribute it to some malfeasance on my part in the act of being caught.

By the way, I thought it was a commentary on the eco-times in which we live. In the old days he would have been bumming a ride. These days he's ride-sharing. Engaging in "commuter trip reduction." Cutting down on gas usage. Instantaneously carpooling. Even if he doesn't offer to share the high cost of gas, he's still making it possible to use the HOV lane. 

So he can bum a ride with good conscience. Excuse me, catch a ride. On my Civic turned mini-bus.

Lastly, I had occasion recently to fix a balky lock. I used my Liquid Wrench fluid. Which I've had in my garage for years. Who can ever manage to use a whole can of Liquid Wrench or tube of Super Glue? I noticed on the can that it said it was great for loosening rusty nuts. 

The funny thing was? The can itself was rusty.


America, ya gotta love it.

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