Friday, September 20, 2013

2074 QRTP

Is any place safe from the constant onslaught of advertising brought on by the digital media world? If you think the answer is yes you're behind the times. Or the times are behind you. 

Advertising is for the most part a good thing. How else would you find out about where to get your doorknobs or dry cleaning? But we've usually enjoyed it in certain sectors only. Driving perhaps, or watching TV.

But smartypants phones have changed all that. Because now when we encounter advertising it's not just in the car or the living room, we can also run into it in the commode. 

Because a pair of brothers have turned toilet tissue into a new media platform. And it's not just printed sayings on the TP, like Murphy's Law or some other novelty thing. It's QR codes. Those modern internet launch tools. They tell your device to go to a website and voila, instead of sitting on the john you're touring the Caribbean at the Travelocity website.

Which could be bad if one of the QR codes was for Carnival Caribbean Cruises. The tissue-deficient "Poop Cruise" as it's called in the media, is still scaring customers away from Carnival. If only they'd had rolls of QR-coded TP.

BTW, do you have any BW?

Still, the new QRTP has possibilities. One of the brothers had the idea while reading in the bathroom on his smartphone. Why not give people something to read in a place where they actually want something to read?

No word whether the idea was a full-blown inspiration or just a gut instinct.

Could help. Scan a QR code for yoga relaxation perhaps, when things are a little tense.

And it's certainly a great way to advertise to folks on the move. 

America, ya gotta love it.

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