Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2076 Doggone Courtesy

Some folks like animals. Which is a good thing. Though I'm worried some animal lovers are so because they don't want to deal with people.  

But it seems like people rights are starting to take a back seat to pet rights. At least to people who have pets rights. I'm talking about service dogs. 

What got me thinking about this was an article I read about a strap-like device for carrying your pintsized pooch. It's called a PuppyPurse (all one word). It’s mostly adjustable straps and lets the dog's legs dangle free as you sling it from your shoulder. It comes in attractive fashionable colors so you can coordinate with your outfit. 

No word whether the dog has a say. Do you like fuchsia Fido? Speak!

I'm guessing it will just be another way to smuggle pets into places they never could go before. In Washington State, that's now everywhere. All you have to do is say your dog is a "service dog." An establishment can't ask you for a service dog permit, as that would make you feel discriminated against. Nor can they ask you what service the dog is supposedly performing. 

I suppose that seems fair to the folks who truly need service dogs for psychological reasons, but what about the other folks in the coffee shop or restaurant who are deathly allergic to pet dander?

Or even those who just object to a stray dusty dog hair or feisty flea landing in their soup?

Especially since it's so easy to abuse. Because let's face it. Some folks have no doggone courtesy anymore. Why not have special collar tags for the dog, like the placards handicapped people get for their cars?  

We'd all breathe easier. And it wouldn't be too ruff...

America, ya gotta love it.

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