Thursday, September 19, 2013

2073 Twin Twits

Recently Dennis Rodman was in the news again. Some folks just can't seem to keep out of it. As you might imagine, outlandish behavior was the reason. Outlandish behavior is the new standard for celebrity. 

On the one hand, we blame the paparazzi for hounding celebs everywhere. Those poor celebrities complain with good reason. On the other hand, there are fame-starved celebrities who want nothing more than to have a pack of paparazzi nipping at their fashionable heels. And like the wild and crazy Miley Cyrus have a new measure of notoriety to try to top.

Tweets per second. 

As in, so and so did such and such and got X many tweets per second. There's a Guinness Record I want to hold. Tweeting by its very nature being not an act of discriminating taste, but rather a measure of the mob. You could smear your naked body in dog poop, light yourself on fire, and drive a motorcycle off a freeway overpass and get tweets per second

Listening Miley?

Anyhow Dennis found a new way to diddle the tweeter meter. He made friends with Kim Jong Un in North Korea. He's "my friend for life" Dennis said. Don't be asking me to try to free some American journalist. I'm just gonna hang with my man Un. Maybe play some Uno. 

I wondered. Why the sudden friendship? Then I read an interesting news item. North Korea originally started making crystal meth to sell illegally around the world for hard currency. Now their own people are hopelessly addicted. In some areas up to 40% of the population. Takes the edge off starvation…

So do Kim and Rodman got something meth-related going on? I'd like to think it might be prevention. 

Not just confusion over tweeting and tweaking.  

America, ya gotta love it.

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