Wednesday, September 04, 2013

2063 Tweiner

Let's talk about Weiner. That strangely sick ex-congressman, wannabe mayor, and tweeto-exhibitionist. Better yet, let's not talk about Weiner. He's an idiot. Anyone in public office who doesn't understand that everything he or she does gets intense scrutiny doesn't deserve to be in office. 

But what about his wife? There's a big question. There is a huge public outcry for her to dump Weiner and get on with her life. Yet she has apparently decided to stand by her man.

There's is no telling why. Couples accommodate in ways outsiders can't understand. That's why they are couples. There are couples who enjoy bringing a third party into their relationships. Most seem to prefer the two-party system when it comes to any type of congress.

So maybe Mrs. Weiner, also known as Huma Abedin, secretly enjoys her husband's peccadilloes. Maybe she even likes his use of pseudonyms when he goes Carlos Dangering. 

Or maybe she is totally appalled and just waiting for the right moment to reintroduce Anthony to the legend of John Bobbitt.

But I saw an interesting statement in the news written by Jennifer Braceras in the Boston Herald. She was bemoaning Huma's fully awful choice to stay with Weiner. Implying how bad it was for feminism. She then asked, how can "a gorgeous, bright, successful woman allow herself to be treated like a doormat?"

What's gorgeous got to do with it? Why should how she looks make a difference in her choices? Aren't you objectifying her nearly as badly as you accuse her husband of objectifying others? 

Maybe you should mind your own business. Who knows, maybe Huma encourages Tony to be a bad boy so she can spank him with a rolled up doormat later.

As they listen to their audio-book of Fifty Shades of Gray. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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