Friday, October 18, 2013

2094 With Drawl

Sometimes people just bulldoze ahead without taking a moment to do a preflight check. Like rashly mixing metaphors for land clearing and airplane flying.

Or rushing into bad habit-related retail. Doesn't it seem we're suddenly getting a glut of some stores? Like the recent proliferation of E-Cigarette, Pot paraphernalia, and medical marijuana joints. Perhaps positioning themselves for recreational retail when the time comes. Proving they have the business model and the customer base to work legal cannabis into the mix.

There's one street in downtown Oly with four medicinal outlets clustered together like sticky Bud. I call it Herbal Avenue.

I haven't seen so many stores of the same ilk open up since the teriyaki craze of the mid-nineties. I think that topped out at Happy Teriyaki 150. Then again, I saw a "pho' 111" store recently so pho' is right up there with the vapor purveyors. 

Good for the munchies too. 

I noticed a sign on one new store that made me think rash reliance on spellchecker can get a little expensive too. It was an E-Cigarette place. They had a pricey hard plastic professional sign. Not one those readerboard types where you see typos galore. 

Under the name of the store it said, "No Withdrawls." They'd left out the A between the final W and L. So instead of "draw-al," it said "drawl." As in southern drawl. Somebody hurried and hadn't spellchecked, or as is often the case with Microsoft Word, spellchecking wasn't enabled because the letters were all capitals. 

Bottom line, and coincidentally it was the bottom line on the sign, one got the impression that by using an E-Cig one would not end up talking like a southern gentleman. 

Y'all's voice would alter so it wouldn't have to be with drawl.

America, ya gotta love it.

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