Monday, October 07, 2013

2085 E-THC

I commented in my last essay about the new E-Cigarette and how easy it would be to use it to get re-addicted to nicotine. 

Very E-asy indeed. 

But if you're smoking already, E-Cigarettes could be a great boon. They simulate the act of smoking so well, if I was a smoker I would be very drawn to it. Not least because it's so much more fun than, um, gum. And really, if you were quitting smoking, what sounds more exciting, puffing water vapor on a E-Cigarette, or staring at a patch on your arm? 

Plus, a standard E-Cig setup only costs about $100. Which sounds like a lot until you figure it's nearly 8 bucks a pack here. More so in New York, where regular cancer causing cigarettes go for $13 a pack. 

The only drawback is flavor. The menthol is pretty realistic, but I'm told the tobacco flavor tastes like used gym sock. There's other flavors for the vapor adventurous, mocha and various fruits, but replacing a tobacco taste habit with inhaled tangerine seems a little odd.

Since it's just water vapor, you can use them anywhere right? Technically yes, but E-Cig makers are recommending you keep a low profile. Don't use them on planes or prominent public places. Don't draw the scrutiny of regulators. 

Even though nicotine is not a regulated drug -- anyone can buy nicotine gum -- it's still best not to flaunt it. And heck, if you're a smoker, you wouldn't want to give up your periodic get-out-of-the-office butt break would you?

The next question, on everyone's mind in Washington State. Will their be E-Marijuana soon? Couldn't THC be vaporized too? Will we see E-Pot? E-Spliffs? E-Fatties?

Maybe. Soon as they get that used gym sock smell worked out.

America, ya gotta love it.

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