Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2092 Meh

Read an interesting factoid the other day. One of the interesting things was that I was neither underwhelmed nor overwhelmed by it. I guess you could say I was just whelmed. That feeling that is best summed up by the new word spelled m-e-h-.


Meh is actually a pretty cool word. Because it conveys an attitude and at the same time expresses that attitude and the way that attitude feels. You almost can't say meh without feeling meh. 

It reminds me of cats. Or French people. Or French cats. Kind of a who-cares-I-don't-care nothing-matters-anyway you-bore-me-so-leave sort of feeling. 

The sad thing about meh is that folks who feel it probably really do care. But are perhaps just too tired and beaten down by the overwhelming bad news in life that a seemingly bored exterior is the only defensive mechanism they have left against all the carnage.

So here was the factoid. On game day, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas, currently known as AT&T Stadium, consumes more electricity, with its air conditioning, massive scoreboard and other power-sucking amenities than Liberia, a nation of 3.7 million people.

No wonder the rest of the world hates us. 

Arlington is listed as a sub-tropical city, with both heat and humidity, so even though it rarely rains they have a covered stadium with air conditioning, where they dress up guys in helmets and pads to slam into each other and voluntarily cause pain and injury. And what giant stadium would be complete without a huge scoreboard with thousands of supercharged electricity-gobbling pixels bigscreen TV-ing the live action on the field. 

I'm would assume the stadium's hot dogs cost enough to feed a Liberian family for a week too. 

So I guess I should be ashamed of myself for thinking, meh.

America, ya gotta love it.

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