Monday, April 29, 2013

1975 Chip Storm

I gotta admit, I like junkfood. More specifically, I like fancy flavored chips. Corn chips, potato chips, Pringles faux chips, you name it. If it's in the shape of a chip and is loaded with interesting artificial and natural flavors, my addiction is very hard to fend off.
So, when I'm feeling virtuous, I avoid the chip aisle altogether. When I'm not, I cruise it with eyes focused and nose twitching, on the prowl for the latest exotic flavor combo.
So I think I understand the cartload of food I saw recently at Costco. Or at least the compulsion behind it. But its scale was beyond my comprehension.
There were two people in front of me in the checkout line at Costco. I wasn't looking at them at first. I was looking at nothing actually, but gradually some part of my brain started to register what was being rung up on the register.
Lots of prepared food. Multiple large boxes of multiple pizzas. Boxes of frozen croissant sandwiches. A large package of hot dogs with equivalent quantity of buns. Looked like about 18 to 24. Numerous giant bags of chips. 4 cases of soft drinks. And 4 boxes of Hot Pockets.
Lastly, and I suppose as a concession to healthy living, there were three big bags of cheese-flavored popcorn. Perhaps this was meant to be the vegetable selection, as there were absolutely no other vegetables or fruits in the cart. I finally looked to my right at who was buying this junkfood extravaganza. It was a mother and teenage son, both of them looking like the "before" picture in the Jared Subway commercials.
As I looked at them, then felt my mouth watering for the chips in their cart, one word popped into my brain.
America, ya gotta love it.

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