Monday, April 22, 2013

1970 iLost

Technology twists and turns and sometimes leaves us in the wilderness. Sometimes it just snarls traffic.
Thank goodness for this guy I heard about from my friend Rick. His Twitter handle is Trooper Guy Gil. By the way, I love that Twitter has adopted some of the old CB jargon. Breaker Breaker Good Buddy we got us a twitterconvoy. Anyhow. TrooperGuyGil is keyed up and tweeting crack-'em-ups and fender-benders as soon as they happen.
Unfortunately there's a big law enforcement campaign going on right now telling people not to tweet or text and drive. I hope the accidents he's tweeting aren't caused by people tweeting and retweeting his accident reports.
San Diego has a new law enforcement emphasis too. They're banning the use of map apps on smartypants phones while you're driving. It's okay to have dash-mounted GPS devices but not cellphone m'apps in use. Thank you San Diego. Focusing on a tiny map while driving is not a good idea for real-time road awareness.
Those same map apps, by the way, seem to be behind a recent rash of folks getting lost in the wilderness. A couple of episodes in the news told the same story. Unprepared people going on hikes in remote areas and getting totally lost when their cellphone batteries ran out.
"Gee, honey, where do I plug the charger? You can get water out of cactus. Do they have power too?"
It all comes from depending too much on our little gizmos. Whenever you’re going hiking in strange places, tweet yourself to use more than one method of orientation. A trail map. A compass. A topographical terrain map. They may not look as pretty. But they never run out of batteries.
And they're pretty easy to handle, good buddy.
That's a 10-4.
America, ya gotta love it.

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