Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1972 Carnitine Spirit

I read this story about how it isn't meat that causes narrowing of the arteries, it's something in the meat that bacteria in your gut digest, which creates another substance which your liver transforms into sticky stuff that helps cholesterol stick to your arteries.
It actually builds up over time if you're a tried and true carnivore because you develop a vigorous gut population of these particular bacteria.
Scientists tested the idea two ways. First, they fed a volunteer vegan meat for one sitting and his levels of the substance didn't go up, while it did for hardcore carnivores. Second, they purged the carnivores of gut bacteria by feeding them antibiotics and when they then ate a big steak no sticky substance was created.
Do not try this at home. Not a side-effect proof way to neutralize meat-filled foods. Eating antibiotics and carnitas could cause a run for the border.
Speaking of which, the interesting thing that emerged from this study was that the substance in meat that triggers this bacterial feeding frenzy is a substance sometimes used as a "nutritional" additive. Notably muscle-building energy drinks. The substance is carnitine. Which, as you can tell from the name, includes meat protein. As in carnitas. As in carnivore, chili con carne, and carnival hot dogs cooked by carneys.
Those energy drinks aren't like Red Bull, which does contain something called Meat Sugar, aka inositol. It's like Red Meat Bull.
Carnitine. Sounds like a saltine cracker made out of meat.
This won't stop the muscle guys from consuming their muscle milk and power drinks though. Carnitine enjoys a huge following. And really, anything with meaty bulk tastes good.
And bonus, if you add enough carnitine to a soda, you get the fulfilling taste sensation of carbonated gravy!
America, ya gotta love it.

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