Tuesday, April 09, 2013

1961 Canadian Hat-Trick

I like going to Canada as I did recently because it shakes me out of my unconscious ruts. Like when I opened up my laptop in my hotel room. I used their complementary WiFi and fired up the interweb. After checking my email I went to the Google start page and clicked on the news tab like I always do.
That's when I was bumped out of my rut. The Google news articles were all Canadian! I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised the page was all about stuff Canadians consider newsworthy. I was after all in Canada. But you tend to think of your computer, your laptop, as having your personal things on it. It's like catching your wife kissing a strange man.
"How could you?"
"It was only news, sweetie."
"Yeah, but his news was running though your micro-processors."
"I didn't feel anything, honey, let's go back to the states and reboot and make up."
Speaking of news. The actual newspaper I got in my hotel had a couple of interesting things. One was a story about the "World Curling Championship" going on in Victoria while I was there.
“Dang,” I thought, “I left my curling iron at home.”
The thing that got me was the writer saying Canada had won the last 6 of 7 world championships. Um, does any other country even play curling? Iceland perhaps. Maybe a wacky unlikely team from Jamaica?
Lastly, the newspaper ads were a little different. Like they're trying on American techniques but don't quite get it. My favorite was an ad for a cremation place with the headline, "We pay your sales tax! Like a 12% Discount!"
Really? For cremation?
"Hurry up and die, Dad. I can get you incinerated for 12% off, eh?"
Canadia, ya gotta love it.

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