Friday, April 19, 2013

1969 Textual

If you're familiar with my commentaries it won't surprise you to learn I'm not entirely comfortable with our Twitter culture. Terseness has its place, but it's generally tough on communication.
As a writer, I can tell you it's great to observe concise exposition. And Tweeting definitely demands conciseness. Unfortunately, great writers take years to develop the skill necessary to be both concise and full of intended meaning. Not something that happens by just picking up a smartypants phone and learning the art of virtual typekey-tapping.
So confusion ensues. Like recently when Margaret Thatcher died. Immediately a Twitter hashtag emerged for people to do whatever it is people do with Twitter hashtags. It consisted of a bunch of letters run together without punctuation, as is the hashtag norm. This one had the letters n-o-w-t-h-a-t-c-h-e-r-i-s-d-e-a-d-. If you knew already, it would read Now Thatcher Is Dead.
If you didn't, it would read Now That Cher Is Dead. So, of course, the Twittersphere was atwitter with the news that Cher had expired. When in fact it was only the world of reason.
Another Twitter-inspired travesty; the initial glut. Referring to stuff by just initials. Like that helps somehow, when in fact it's just lazy. Game of Thrones the TV show referred to as simply GoT. Or the President Of The United Sates referred to as POTUS. How respectful of the office. Yo POTUS, how's the Korean crisis shaking?
Or my new non-favorite. SCOTUS. The Supreme Court Of The United States. SCOTUS... sure sounds like a bunch of solemn wise people in stately robes doesn't it?
I'm waiting for that really inside group to get noticed by the Twitterites. The hidden and ugly decision-making part of the body politic, the Senior Congressional Representatives Of The United States.
America, ya gotta love it.

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