Thursday, September 25, 2014

2316 Darn Gluten

From time to time I encounter marketing ideas that cause me to pause. Take my hairspray. I wrote a commentary not long ago about how they'd changed the packaging and formula so it now contained "Active Botanicals." I suppose this was to capitalize on the energy and buying power of the organic food movement or possibly just eco-stuff generally.

Though "Active Botanicals" sounds like it could function as a hairspray for your chia pet.

So recently I looked at the can again, and I noticed an item on the label separated from the rest that said the hairspray was paraben free and gluten free. Hmm, I thought, another attempt to capitalize on recent buzztrends?

Paraben is viewed in some circles as a carcinogen, so I suppose that makes sense. It's also a bactericide and a fungicide so it's in pretty common use in the personal products industry. I guess I don't see much use for a fungicide in my hair so I'm cool with the manufacturer’s decision to omit it.

"Gluten Free" makes me wonder though. I was under the impression, probably misguided, that gluten was an issue when it was eaten. Those who suffer from celiac disease and gluten intolerance need to avoid it in their digestive tract. But in their hairspray?

Is there a problem with people sucking hairspray from cans, like basement trolls do with whipped cream and Cheez Whiz? Or using it for its vaunted frizz control on flyaway angel hair pasta? 

When do you have an opportunity to actually eat hairspray?

Perhaps it's for folks who do their personal grooming in the kitchen while cooking at the same time. That explains the other warning on the can that's always made me go, "duh." 

"Don't use hairspray next to open flame."

America, ya gotta love it. 

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