Thursday, September 04, 2014

2304 Class Ride

I saw an interesting product recently. I guess it speaks to why I will never think like someone from the upper class. Because I just didn't get it.

It was a foldable bicycle. The write-up on it said it was the “perfect” foldable bike. It collapses small enough to fit in a suitcase and yet feels "almost" like a normal ride. 

It has features like a lightweight aluminum frame and a grease-free carbon drive-belt. It also sports BMX-size wheels. And it's all available for the low, low price of $5499.

Because, you know, if you're rich enough to afford a bike like this, pricing it at an even $5500 may be deal-breaker. 

So my question: Who is this bike really for? If you're rich enough to afford a $5500 foldable bike, you're rich enough to buy a nice full-sized one when you arrive at your destination and have it shipped back when you're done. Or vice versa. 

And really, if I had enough folding money to plunk down a wad on this folding bike I sure as heck wouldn't actually fold it and pack it into a suitcase. 

Maybe I'd have someone do it for me. "Jeeves, be a good man and fold up my velocipede and pack it into my portmanteau would you?"

I kind of understand buying a big RV so you don't have to use other people's beds and bathrooms. But to be so paranoid of hoi polloi germs that you don't want anyone to ever share a bike seat with you? Rich enough to have someone shave your legs for you, and you lug around a foldable bicycle?

With a carbon drive-belt of course, chains are so déclassé, and grease marks on your silk boxers could give folks the wrong idea.  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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