Friday, September 19, 2014

2313 Alternative Retaility

I like seeing the alternative businesses that have opened and developed. Although what was alternative once is mainstream now. It's nice to see them thriving as we come out of the great recession.

"Great recession" seems to be the agreed upon expression for the economic destruction we just came through. Not sure I'm comfortable with it. What's the difference between a "great recession" and an "average depression?" Or perhaps a mild depression? It certainly had all the hallmarks of a depression to many folks I knew. Maybe by calling it a recession we feel like we don't need to seek out medication.

Anyhow, I saw a couple of alternative businesses sharing the same building. It was kind of interesting. Not that businesses shared a building. That's been a great adaptation to the mild depression. It was the businesses themselves. They were an acupuncture place and a tattoo parlor. 

Hmm. Kind of got a needle theme going there. Wonder if they share. There's still an empty space in the same building. The leasing agency should call up an embroidery outfit.

Speaking of outfits, sales of yoga apparel rose 45% last year. You'd figure that means folks are trying to get healthier. But no, apparently that assumption is a stretch.

The truth is, actual yoga participation only increased by 4.5%. Turns out people don't want to be healthier so much as look healthier. Maybe they wear Spanx under their Lululemons. (To the uninitiated, those are fashion alternatives.)

Speaking of yoga, my favorite sign ever was in front of a yoga place. It said they were "the oldest and best yoga place in town." The serene and meditative practice of yoga being such a competitive business and all. 

Though I'm told it's a great alternative to fighting mild depression. 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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