Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2305 Hair East

I'm a bit of a skinflint. What some call a tightwad but what I prefer to refer to as penurious. Which I think is Latin for penny-pinching.

It's not that I can't and don't spend lots of money on things I really want, but for ordinary household generic items I tend to veer on the side of economical. Okay cheap.

So, since my flyaway hair is occasionally in need of restraint, I employ the use of White Rain hairspray. It's hard to get much cheaper without diluting and atomizing Elmer's glue.

But I noticed that dear old White Rain has changed the look of their can recently and in fact says so on the can. "New Look," it proclaims redundantly. And with that new look apparently an ingredients change as well. 

It's old label said, "For extra boost and hold with shine enhancers and softening agents." Its new can says, "For long lasting hold, shine, and frizz control. Frizz Control? Wasn't he one of the superheroes in the fashion Justice League?

The label also says the new White Rain comes "with Active Botanicals." Naturally I was intrigued, as the only active botanical I could picture was a Venus Fly Trap of some sort. 

But no, further hype on the can tells me they use, "a unique blend of botanical ingredients specially selected for their nourishing, conditioning and protective properties." They then go on to list those super plants: White lily, green tea, and rice protein.

Ah, I said to myself, obviously going for the botanical wisdom of the Far East. Frizz control with hair product feng shui. Great. But white lily, green tea, and rice protein? 

Why do I feel like I'm about to spray my head with a misted version of chiang mai salad?  

America, ya gotta love it. 

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