Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2206 Bone Eating

The other day I was brewing some coffee in our breakroom and my eye wandered like it usually does, looking for something to fixate on and read. Compulsive reading is one of my many quirks. I had ADHD before they invented it. All I can say is, before I could read billboards and road signs my parents hated having me in the car.

In any event, my eyes lighted on the bottom of a special Starbucks coffee cup. On that bottom it said, "new bone china." I looked it up and bone china is special because they make it out of bones. The ash of ground-up bones to be exact. 

Naturally, I was curious. Is there an "old bone china"? At what age that the creature died was it considered old or young in order to be included in the new or old bone classification structure approved by the USDA or other organization? Is it a badly self-regulated industry, old bones rattling in where new bones should stand firm?

Do new bones only come from veal, lamb, or Cornish game hens? 

Or is it the crockery itself? New bone china is made first and features the virgin firing of the ceramic. Then later, after various runs through homes, garage sales, and the shelves of the Goodwill, that old stuff is saved from the landfill, collected, and broken into teeny-tiny bits from which are refashioned the cups, plates, and bowls of old bone china. The bone is the same, it's just the china that's old. 

So. Questions: If you avoid leather belts or shoes is this the kind of coffee cup to use? Is it appropriate for Vegans to eat or drink from bone china?

I know bone eating is not preferred by some. But bone drinking? 

America, ya gotta love it. 

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